Spotted Marble and Gold Beaded Stretch Bracelet


Spotted marble will help the wearer bring on about physical and emotional improvements. The marble comes in a range of darker stones which are almost black to a stunning array of differently spotted stones in different hues of grey and white. Each bead is unique and has it’s own charming range of coloring and spot pattern. If you are looking for a black and white neutral, this stretch bracelet can be worn daily with a range of outfits.


Spotted Marble: Marble is the stone of potential. This modernistic looking stone is said to help those who wear it be flexible through difficult situations and help with bringing positive focus and decision making.

Metal Hardware: The metal hardware is Gold style allow beads. They are both lead and cadmium free.

Sizing: This stretch bracelet is almost impossible to break and is designed to fit any wrist. If you have any special sizing requests, please let us know.

Shipping: Free

All bracelets are hand made and all are unique.


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